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This is our header page for our technical information about the way auto insurance works, the types of coverage available, the various discounts, and some recommendations from our expert agents nationwide.


Auto insurance which is also known as gap insurance, car insurance, or for our European friends motor insurance, is primarily used of course to provide financial protection against traffic collisions or other liability including theft that may arise from using an automobile.  The protection might include either physical damage to property or bodily injury.

All states require an automobile owner to carry some minimal insurance (except Virginia) and this is considered compulsory, much like health reform has caused health insurance to become compulsory (or will rather in 2014).  Insurance companies collect monthly premiums in return for coverage.  The factors that can affect these premiums include the age or sex of a driver, the type of vehicle, the driving history of the insured, and where the vehicle is both driven and parked.  Some insurance companies will even offer premium discounts based on these same factors.   The proof of insurance that is given to drivers is required to be kept in the vehicle or on the person in the event of an insured incident as proof of coverage.

The bulk of the information we cover in this section will be in the deeper confines of the section.  On the sidebar are the detailed pages on any topic you might be researching.