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Let’s face facts, Florida ranks on the U.S.’s top ten list for uninsured motorists.  Like many people, Floridians may think that auto insurance is a waste of effort and money.  It’s natural to think this way when you pay for a service month after month and don’t see anything in return.  It’s only when it’s too late that individuals realize they have risked a whole lot including their life’s savings, by not having car insurance.  Car insurance is not cheap, but like taxes…it’s just one of those items in life that one has to pay for.

There are a couple of reasons why some Floridians hesitate to get car insurance…..the main one is expense.  Unfortunately, one of the culprits for high premiums is insurance fraud which tends to run rampant in this state. A second reason for high premiums is the fact that the sunshine state along with our western counterpart, Arizona….is home to the majority of America’s senior drivers.  There are other factors such as type of car, driving record, and amount of driving one does, that helps round out the reasons for high auto premiums.

A vast part of the U.S. population spends most of their lives on the road, driving.  If you are one of these individuals, then, why not drive and have peace of mind by obtaining proper car insurance or quite frankly…..opt for staying off the road.  Why??? …..the consequences far outweigh the “savings” of not having automobile insurance.

The definition of car insurance is:  to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and against liability that could be incurred in an accident.

At a minimum, you will be cited and have to appear in court should a police officer stop you and you do not have insurance. The court fees will be your responsibility, along with any fines and you will be forced to get the insurance you did not have in the first place.  In some states, driving without insurance will cost you all, this plus not jail time.

The real damage is done if you are in an accident without having proper insurance or worse, no insurance.  You could find yourself in quite a predicament as you will be responsible for the damages to your own car, the other cars involved in the accident, medical bills for yourself as well as the other injured parties… and on and on. You could be looking at expenses amounting in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Within seconds, life as you knew it, can turn into a legal and financial nightmare.  So put things into perspective and study your state requirements for car insurance and at the very least cover your vehicle for these amounts.  Get your free car insurance TODAY….Call 888-206-0565.

It is logical for South Floridians to think that car insurance came about in the last century with the invention of the automobile.  The concept, however, dates back to Mesopotamia some 5,000 years ago.  No!…..it did not come about because of Messala  getting  into a fatal accident while racing his chariot with Ben-Hur…..good try, though! The concept of automobile insurance truly does date back thousands of years ago with the dawn of trade.  Merchants back then had an epiphany when they would send off boats loaded with precious cargo, the boat would sink, cargo would be lost, leaving a merchant in financial ruin.

The perils in those day ranged from luck, weather or simply the will of Neptune.  Whatever the reason, both merchants and opportunistic businessmen started realizing that there was something profitable here.  In made good business sense for merchants to pay a small fee prior to each voyage and share the risk with the other merchants. Fast forward to Dayton, Ohio circa 1897….when the first automobile policy was written.  It was a time in America when cars were slowly replacing horses and wagons.  With all these first time drivers on the road at the turn of the century….it did not take long for some individuals to have an epiphany once again.  The fault of an accident had to be assigned to someone.  Assigning the blame of an accident became the core of car insurance.

Curiously, auto insurance is not uniform throughout the United States.  Different states tend to pass their own laws.  So whether your chariot is a Bugatti or a Honda….stay legal and get car insurance.